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Welcome to Liberty Christian School of Walla Walla, WA.

 We are a non-denominational, Christian school whose ultimate goal and prayer for every child who enters our doors is to equip them and encourage them to know and love God with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength; to love other people; and to strive for excellence in the challenging academic course that our school provides.

Teenage Girl Reading Bible To Siblings At Park


We believe that our most important job is to partner with parents in training our children to love God with everything that is in them, and to have a desire to honor Him through all that they do.

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God’s second commandment that He gives His people is to love others as yourself.  We take great measures to weave this essential command into the every day instruction of our students.

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We know that being a school, it is of utmost importance to teach and prepare our students for all aspects of life.  Therefore, we use our strong curriculum base, highly qualified teachers, and small class sizes to guide our students along a challenging academic course from PreK through 8th grade.

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Why LCS?

We chose Liberty Christian School because we felt that it was important to have our kid’s teachers partner with us to develop a firm foundation of what it means to be a Christ follower. Knowing that our kids get a high level education surrounded by Biblical values makes the price worth it. Our kids love it here and are ‘bummed’ when we come to pick them up each day, go figure!

Reason #5: The Lyon's Reason
Liberty Parents

Testimonial Reason #5: The Lyon's Reason

Our son has a few special issues and his teachers and principal have gone above and beyond to help him continue to succeed in all areas – spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally.  Our son is receiving a foundation in WHO he is in CHRIST-not who the world has deemed him to be.  The staff are courteous, compassionate, caring, and provide great communication with us as parents to be able to work together in the values our son learns and observes from his environment.  LCS is an environment engulfed in love and understanding as our child learns and develops and is given the grace to do it without judgments while obtaining the freedom to be who God has created him to be.

Reason #48: LaCheal's Reason
Liberty Christian Parent

Testimonial Reason #48: LaCheal's Reason

Because Liberty provides a safe, nurturing environment in which ALL of the teachers are passionate in the children’s learning experience and making sure each child knows they are loved and cared for by the teachers, the principal and all of the staff.

Kristi D.
Liberty Mom

Testimonial Kristi D.

Why choose Liberty? Well, for us, we know that the Lord is the most important thing is this life.  Without Him, life means nothing.  Our prayer is that our children will grow up to love the Lord with all of their hearts, love others, and realize that nothing matters without God.   At Liberty, they teach and guide our children from the truths found in God’s Word.  In an ever-changing society, that is irreplaceable.  Also, Liberty’s curriculum is phenomenal.  Not only is the truth of God’s Word incorporated into each lesson, but the curriculum is challenging and cohesive from grade to grade.  We are so thankful to have this school here in Walla Walla!

Reason #9: The Spence's Reason
Liberty Family

Testimonial Reason #9: The Spence's Reason

We are so blessed to have a school like Liberty for our children! We appreciate the environment which the school provides. An environment in which teachers demonstrate the love of our Lord to the students as they  teach and reinforce the same precious values that we as parents are also teaching our children. The academics are top notch too! Not to mention our daughter loves to go to school!

Reason #17
The Lyon Family

Testimonial Reason #17

We decided to send our son to Liberty initially because of the staff they have. From the class teachers all the way up to the principal, they are accessible. You can interact with them easily and on a regular basis to ask questions or just shoot the breeze. They also know my kid and not cause he is always in trouble. The size of the school makes it feel like a tight knit community from day one, this includes knowing other parents as well. I also love the committees of parents and teachers which focus on different areas of the school and how to address and improve various things. In other words, the community element of Liberty is very appealing to us. We wanted a place where our son could experience not just being thrown together with other kids and passed through a system, but known, appreciated, and part of a community that does more than just academic work together. Throw in the religious element where Jesus and God are talked about freely in school and even the curriculum itself and it is hard to beat an option like LCS.

Reason #21
The Franks Family

Testimonial Reason #21


Full Week Pre-School

We are now offering the option to enroll your child in three or five day a week pre-school! Contact the office for more information.

Pre-School Options