Welcome to Liberty Christian School
of Walla Walla, WA.

We are a non-denominational, Christian school whose mission is to partner with families in providing children an excellent, Christ-centered, Bible-based education.  We want to assist parents in bringing up their children in the training and instruction of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our ultimate goal and prayer for every child who enters our doors is to equip and encourage them to know and love God with all of their heart, to love other people, to strive for excellence in the challenging academic course that our school provides, and ultimately to do all for the glory of God.


We believe that our most important job is to partner with parents in training our children to love God with everything that is in them, and to have a desire to honor Him through all that they do.


God’s second commandment that He gives His people is to love others as yourself. We take great measures to weave this essential command into the every day instruction of our students.



We know that being a school, it is of utmost importance to teach and prepare our students for all aspects of life. Therefore, we use our strong curriculum base, highly qualified teachers, and small class sizes to guide our students along a challenging academic course from PreK through 8th grade.


Why choose a Christian education for your child?


This is a great question and one that has been asked by many.  As the administration and educators of a Christian school, we are fully aware and have answers to the main questions surrounding this topic.  We encourage you to thoroughly read the questions and answers below to determine the right course of education for your family.


We Serve

We serve families with children from Pre-K (at least age 4) through 8th grade.




Liberty Christian currently has 82 students with an average of 13 students per classroom. Our teachers are highly qualified to teach the students both academically and spiritually.


As a school, we have very high standards for our academics. We have chosen our curriculum based on it's excellence in the academic field and also it's integration of our Christian beliefs throughout each subject area.

From the unconventionally fun playground to our athletic events...


Here's a peek at life at Liberty.