We understand that there are sometimes many sacrifices that have to be made when weighing the monetary costs of sending your child to a private school.  While we strive to keep tuition and fees as low as possible while still covering our operating costs, we know that tuition can at times be stressful on a family's budget.  Considering this, our desire is to never turn away a family who truly desires a Christian education for their children because of an inability to pay.  We want a Christian education to be accessible for everyone!

Liberty does award financial aid to those whose financial situation shows that they need it in order to attend the school.  Our financial aid team will be happy to guide you through the application process.

If you are interested in applying for financial aid, please email our office at liberty@libertychristianww.org.  They will be able to assist you with the application.

Financial Aid Q&A's

Q:  Who is eligible to apply for financial aid?
Any family that has applied to or is registered at LCS can apply for financial aid.  LCS believes that Christian education should be available to all families regardless of social or economic status.  The purpose of the LCS Financial Aid Program is to assist families who demonstrate a need for financial aid.  If you as a family feel you cannot afford the tuition, then please apply.

Q:  Who processes my application for financial aid and is it kept confidential?
LCS uses the services of Confidential Financial Services (CFS), a third party reviewer, to assist with the confidential financial aid data collection process.  CFS will send a recommendation to LCS.  A financial committee made up of the school administrator, a teacher, a board member and an unbiased third party member will review the recommendation and the situational letter.  All information is kept confidential.

Q: Is financial aid based upon my family's income alone?
The CFS application considers other factors such as: charitable contributions, reasonable living expenses and the number of children enrolled at LCS.

LCS also requires every family to submit a situational letter.  Parents will submit a letter explaining the situation that causes them to apply for financial aid, including specific hardships and financial difficulties.  The letter should also include specific strategies the family has employed to afford tuition.  This letter is a most critical piece of information in determining the financial aid award.

Q:  I still do not know if I will qualify and for how much?
It is impossible to answer this question without completing the CFS application.  Each family has a different set of circumstances that will enter into the final decision.

Q:  I have multiple children.  What should I do?
All children are considered on one application.  Normally the amount of financial aid (if you qualify) will increase with the combined tuition costs considered.  It does not take into consideration the tuition of another child enrolled at a different private school.

Q:  Our family is a split family; whose information is required:
In cases where the applicant is divorced, the assets of both parents will be considered if the parents have joint custody.  If the custodial parent is remarried, the assets of the step-parent will be included in the review.  If someone else is financially responsible for the student, that person must complete the aid form and explain his/her relationship to the student.  You may note any special circumstances in your situational letter.

Q:  What does financial aid cover?
Financial aid is only available for tuition purposes.  It does not cover any extra required or optional fees. 

Q:  Where do I start with the process?
You first need to contact the school office.  They will then supply you with the information needed to go through the application process.  There is a time commitment on the school's part to go through the financial aid application process.  We need to know that you are serious about wanting your child to attend LCS.

Q:  What is the cost for me to go through this process?
The application process for LCS is $40 per family and is completed online.  

Contact the school office for complete instructions for the online application.

You need to send/give your situational letter to Mr. Hoe.  Please put your family name and situational letter in the subject line (for example, "Nelson situational letter").

Please remember that your financial aid package cannot be processed until you have gone through the LCS application process and until all required CFS information and the situation letter have been received by LCS.