Oh sing to the LORD a new song ,

For He has done marvelous things!

Psalm 98:1

Over and over again, God’s Word commands us to make music and praise God’s mighty works through song.  At Liberty Christian, we are passionate about educating our students in the musical arts and giving them the tools needed for a life of enjoyment in music.  

Today’s busy culture has shifted away from making music in community to a much more individualistic experience of music as listeners rather than participants.  It is our goal to not only help our students enjoy music as spectators but also as active participants in community with their peers. 

What is kodály music education?

The interactive, collaborative, and highly kinesthetic Kodály method (pronounced kod-dahy) of learning music was developed by Hungarian composer and educator Zoltán Kodály in the early 20th century. It combines several powerful techniques for developing the core skills of musicianship.  Students studying in a Kodály classroom learn to read music with the building blocks of music much like children learn to read words through the building blocks of phonics.

Because it focuses on the expressive and creative skills of musicianship (rather than the theory or instrument skills) the Kodály approach is very closely related to the world of musical ear training.

In fact, it could arguably be seen as an approach to ear training, since it is primarily your musical ear which Kodály develops.


The Central Principles of Kodály

  1. Music should be taught from a young age. Kodály believed that music was among, if not the most important subject to teach in schools.
  2. Music should be taught in a logical and sequential manner.
  3. There should be a pleasure in learning music; learning should not be torturous.
  4. The voice is the most accessible, universal instrument.
  5. The musical material is taught in the context of the mother-tongue folk song.

We are excited to introduce our new PreK-8th Kodály music instructor, Mrs. Cami Panther!  Cami grew up in Walla Walla and attended LCS from Kindergarten through Eight grade.  She received her Bachelors of Music in Vocal Music Education from St. Olaf College and completed two levels of training in the Kodály Method from the University of St. Thomas.  Cami is married to David and has three sons, the oldest of whom, Jack, is attending Liberty this year.